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#SidApps Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Hey what’s up guys welcome to Sid Tech and here are my top 5 best wallpaper apps for android let’s get started. First is backdrops the wallpaper you just saw was from backdrops only and it is amazing.

It has many high quality wallpapers from color to fade everything looks just amazing we can also remove ads from this app by paying ₹65 but even with those ads this app is very good it comes in different categories  like minimal Super Heroes material pattern and many more quality wallpapers to choose from.


Next on the list is minimal wallpaper which also comes with many categories the quality here might not be as good as backdrops but they have a very wide range of wallpapers to choose from. Next and my favorite app is Minima it is a live wallpaper app but there is no alternative to this app there are many good wallpapers locked for the pro version but the ability to edit the live wallpaper according to your choice is just amazing.

Like this one though the blue looks good but let’s go with the red theme of Sid Tech and as you can see it’s just amazing the way it moves the wallpaper is oddly satisfying and once again my best pick form the list. Next is an app for all the landscape or nature lovers My Walls, my walls have many high quality wallpapers of nature’s City sunset etc all of them giving a soothing feeling if you are into these type of wallpapers this app is a must.

Last but not the least and one of the most simple and light app is Google wallpapers it might not have some amazing designs like the rest but looking at the size the quality content of the app this is perfect for what it is. So this is guys from this video do let me know your favorite pick from the list and any more suggestions you have in the comments below.

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