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Best 5 Apps to Quit Alcohol – Android & iOS

“The greatest benefit of quitting alcohol is to have the knowledge that you are still alive and you have the opportunity to see for yourself if quitting is really beneficial.” – Aliya Ariston

Quitting alcohol is not an easy job as we know overcoming an addiction can be extensive and painful. Moreover, it is known fact that drinking excess alcohol can do no good to our body. Unfortunately, people have still adapted this bad habit that eventually turns into a destructive disease.

There are several ways to quit alcohol: one being acknowledging the hesitation and evaluating the need of quitting alcohol in our lives. In fact, the desire of alcohol can make you helpless with the feeling that no medicines or medications can substitute alcohol.

Nowadays, technology also plays an effective role in helping fight against alcohol addiction. Since mobile applications have the role of providing virtual support to its users, alcohol recovery mobile applications provide addicts the assistance required during recovery. These apps help to motivate people and offer them a relaxed mind to achieve their goal.

  • Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction

This mobile application is completely inspired by the bible. The users are motivated by reading bible verses which are distributed in various well-versed categories depending on different moods of the user. The user can select any one emotion from the list as per their mood. It contains more than 355+ motivational proverbs which be shared on any social networking sites.

The app can be downloaded in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch from iTunes for $0.99.

  • I Am Sober

This app comes with a money calculator that tracks down how much money you have saved by not buying alcohol. You can track the hours,or even minutes of how long you’ve been sober. Moreover, you can also see the number of days you’ve been sober. The application has a feature of getting daily notifications of your achievement which helps the user to stay focussed on the path to recovery.

This app is available on Android for free and iOS for $1.99.

  • Sobriety Counter-Stop Drinking

This free alcohol recovery application has quite a lot features. Along with tracking how much money you have saved by quitting alcohol, there are memory games to help you deviate the mind and beat the urge of craving to drink. You can also earn badges while achieving your targets. Moreover, you can get motivated by your own track records. The best and most successful scientific tips for quitting drinking have been summarized in this app. You, as a user can see them in a cool way of clicking on a dice and getting a random tip every time.

This app is available on Android for free.

  • Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is a worldwide known hypnotist and stress management specialist who created this application to overcome the emotional and physical cravings for alcohol. The application has a set of inspiring and motivational words.  This is the place where one can achieve his goals to quit drinking with the help of his inspirational thoughts. This app can also help you break those negative habits that lead you to reach for a drink.
The application can be downloaded for iOS devices at a price of $2.99.

  • Twenty-Four Hours a Day

This app is based on a book with the same name that became so famous that it sold 10 million copies. It has videos and quotes of famous authors who influences one’s individual’s belief. The app offers 366 daily meditations from the book at your fingertips, making it easier for people to get help between meetings or anytime it’s needed. One has to press the “today” button to read the message or shake the phone to read any random inspirational message.

It’s available on both, Android and iOS, at prices of $3.99 and $4.99 respectively.

The procedure of quitting alcohol can be very slow and one should show patience and dedication to stop it. In this difficult time, your family and friends should be your support system. Don’t try to do it alone.

Once the decision to change is made, the next step is to have a proper, specific, and realistic goal to achieve it. In fact, there are certain questions you should ask yourself for better results:

  1. Whether you want to stop drinking or start drinking less?
  2. Whether you want to get rid of the urge of drinking?
  3. Will telling your family and friends about quitting make them not drink in front of you and support you?
  4. Whether you can avoid bad influences?

If it’s a yes for most of the answers, you are on the right track of recovery. Even though some apps can help you but thit can’t substitute a treatment. Everyone has a different need and hence, one should know what is appropriate for his ability.

The main objective of any addiction is to NOT GIVE UP in the long process and follow the step by step procedures.

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