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What’s On My Android Smartphone 2017 – Moto G5 Plus


So hey what’s up guys welcome to Sid Tech and today i’m going to show you what’s on my android 2017 I’ve made this video long time back in 2016 so I am back with an another version so without much further ado let’s get started.

Okay so first I have this music folder and I have Ganna SoundCloud and play music I use all of them occasionally and I use it for streaming and have not subscribed to any one of these services for downloading than music I just stream Via my mobile data and Wi-Fi. Next is my work folder that is I have studio app, the creator studio app if you are youtuber you know it’s a must I know there are many changes that has to be done in this app, really it needs a lot of updates but yeah as a creator you have to use this then I have my play console app so here both of my apps is
there as I’m a developer and I’m not updating auto world as that much so tech world is a must if you are into technology so do try it give it a shot it’s available on android and also on the Windows platform.

Next I have my adsense account yeah you need it. Then WordPress for my website, my blog. URL shortner if
you’re using Google URL shortener this is a must for the shortening the URL using your phone then I have my analytics app so if you are running a YouTube channel website app analytics is must it gives you overview how many sessions how many users are coming to your website daily then I have this zoho  mail app if you are using a professional mail like or info Zoho mail is a very good service you should use it I know there’s an option to connect Gmail also but I found it more useful the interface is also very good so I’m using zoho mail.

Then over to the left I have the whatsApp plus so this is using the parallel space app I have installed on my phone so basically whatsApp Plus is for my  plus is for my second sim that is the Airtel sim which I am using for Sid Tech purposes so with this I have created a broadcast list if you want to join it you can do that I will leave a link down in the description below so in this I send all my website updates my YouTube channel updates so next I have the entertainment folder here I’ve ted I used to listen to Ted a lot but nowadays I’m not watching that much videos but yeah if you want some motivation and what you learn about something Ted is an awesome way to do that.

Then I have the prime video and let me tell you this is the best video streaming service or movie or TV series a streaming service in India. We have lot of titles a lot of titles recently suits is also here so if you want to see Suits if you haven’t seen suits just go and get it and it’s not like Netflix or Hotstar, I have installed Hotstar but i don’t use it I downloaded it for the AIB the AIB series and the Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2 so I have hotstar for just these series some it
got some exclusive content but I have not paid for it then this is the social app here you will find all the social media networks Snapchat Instagram Facebook and Twitter and on all four of these I have my username @sidtechworld so if you have not followed me, follow now.

Then i have Quora app so once upon a time I was a most viewed reader on a category right now I have 36K answer views on my answers have answered 130 questions so right now I have 36 K answer views on my answers have answered 130 questions so yeah if you want to ask me something you can ask me on Quora you can follow me there.

Then I have this Google Notes app Google keep app I have also installed an extension on my laptop if you have not seen my extensions video you should see that here I’ve explained in detail what is keep  then over to the right hand screen is my Google Calendar yeah it’s a it’s a must Google Calendar is a must that I have my Youtube subscriber count’ so right now we are at 1524. Can we make it to 16 hundred somehow after this video maybe
you just go and subscribe yeah please make sure you do that I’m using Adwords actually I do sometimes client work also if you want me do an ads for you on AdWords I can do that so yeah I’m using AdWords for my app also yeah so it’s very good.

I have Amazon, I am a Amazon Prime members so Amazon is the best for me I can get next day delivery even sometimes same day delivery so yeah it’s really good  that’s my auto world app that’s he block my Wi-Fi thief and I showed this app on my best apps videos, If you haven’t seen that video you should do that right now it’s a great app and you will find all the features in that my video then that’s Bookmyshow then that’s buffer okay so I’m not using it right now I mean I’m have not scheduled a post from quite a long time but yeah it’s a good app if you want to schedule your posts you know Facebook allows you to schedule your posts automatically so you don’t need i but something on Instagram and Twitter which don’t allow it through the native app you give this app to schedule it the best part it you can use two three accounts at the same time so if we want a post to be posted on your Instagram Twitter and Facebook at the same time you can use this app called buffer.

Then that’s the camera connector you use it to you know control your camera and see your images and everything if
let me know if you want a dedicated video camera connect app so I have Google assistant installed but I was  trying
Cortana I was also trying to make a video on Cortana vs Google Assistant so if your are interested in something like this that this is the gangster 4 game this is mentioned all my best apps video just  check it out awesome game I play
regularly, Godaddy my website many of GoDaddy so yeah it’s a must so if you are a blogger and want to want to connect with the community and you know make friends.

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