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Top 5 Best Apps For Android October 2017

Hey whats-up guys welcome to Sid Tech and these are the Top 5 Best Apps for Android October 2017, so without much further ado let’s get started.

1. Legend

First we have Legend which let’s you turn text into stunning animations which you can share with your friends as a Video or GIF . All you have to do is just write your text, choose animation and color and you are good to go. Save the animation as a GIF or video and share it across.

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2. Splash Up

Next is Splash Up which is one of the most visually appealing game I have ever played. It is very difficult to describe it but I will try my best. In this you have darkness all around and you have to swipe left or right to add some colors. The difficulty level increases as you go up and you have to play it carefully as you might fall down or get hurt. Overall an amazing game to pass your time.

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3. Fake Tweets

Next is Fake tweet and as the name suggests it’s lets you create fake tweets. So with this you can edit Name, ID, profile pic, text of the tweet, number of re-tweets, likes etc. Then it will be saved as picture or you can say screenshot of the tweet that you can share to prank your friends.

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4. Fake Notifications

Let’s talk about another fake app called Fake Notifications. With this app you can create fake notifications from many apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. It is very useful if you want to get out of somewhere. So in this simply select your app, it’s icon, sender name and the message you want it to display and schedule it according to your need and then it will appear as your normal notification which you can show to anyone to get out of somewhere unless and until they try to check the message in the app.

Download from Google Play

5. Pexels

Let’s end this awesome list of apps with a Wallpaper app  called Pexels. It contains some awesome high resolution wallpapers across categories like Abstract, Beauty, Black and White, Crowd, Football, Gym and many more yo choose from. Not only they look good but also fit’s perfectly with you smartphone to give an overall perfect look. A must have for those who change there wallpapers on a daily basis as it has many options.

Download from Google Play

So this is it guy from this video i hope you like it and  if you have any app suggestion let me know in the comments below subscribe for more content like this this is Siddhant signing off keep smiling.

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