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Lenovo Vital and Livermorium Slider Keyboard Moto Mod Launched at CES 2018


Lenovo at its CES 2018 event launched two new Moto mods for its Moto Z lineup of smartphones. One is the Lenovo Vital Moto mod which is for keeping a track of your health and other is the Livermorium Slider keyboard, which as the name suggests is a slider qwerty keyboard for your Moto Z smartphone.

The Lenovo Vital mod is a snap-on module for the Moto Z smartphone which has an infrared temperature sensor, a finger clip for checking oxygen level and an inflatable finger cuff. All of these will work together to test your heart rate, oxygen level, pulse oxygen, body temperature, and both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The Lenovo Vital Moto Mod will be available to purchase for $395 around ₹25,000 in April. Vital is the “first connected, integrated, multi-vital sign monitoring platform you can operate through a single instrument”, according to Jim Thiede, Motorola’s Head of Product Marketing.

Livermorium Keyboard Moto Mod gives you a full QWERTY slider keyboard and a screen that can tilt up to 60 degrees. This is made for people who don’t like the touchscreen keyboard and want a physical keyboard instead. “Taking this moto mod from the Indiegogo campaign through our Accelerator Program is only the beginning as we look ahead to bringing future innovations to market,” Motorola announced via a blog post.


The new slider QWERTY keyboard is priced at $99 around ₹6,200 and will be available to purchase later this winter. Moto also announced Moto Z market app, which is now available to download in countries where Moto Z is available. This new app will let you browse all moto mods and get localized support in one app. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.

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