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Top 6 Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India


You listen to music every day on your smartphone or watch your favorite entertainment show on the go,  but to get inner peace instead of listening to the audio through the speaker, you plug in your earphones but then the cable of the earphone becomes so annoying that you end up getting frustrated. So at this point, it’s better to use a good pair of Bluetooth earphones that are in your budget. So today we are showcasing the Top 6 Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India. The earphones are ranked from the cheapest to the priciest.


Top 6 Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

1.Freesolo Wireless Earphone:

Now, this is the cheapest wireless earphone on this list with a price of just Rs.999($15). The Freesolo wireless earphone comes in a small box which has a charging cable and extra earbuds and no carrying case which is a not a big deal considering it’s price. The earphone is completely made of plastic but offers a great sound and will last you for 4hrs to 5 hrs of music playback, 100 hrs of standby and 3hrs of talk time which is pretty good for an earphone at this price. All and all this is a really good pair of wireless earphone.

Buy it here: Freesolo Wireless Earphone

2.BasX Wireless Earphone:

The BasX Bluetooth earphone is a really good earphone for your gym workouts or even for casual listening to music as it comes with an impressive 6hrs of music playback time. The earphone also charges up very quickly and has 30 feet range which makes this earphone a really good pair to buy. The sound of the earphone is also great and the bass is also very good. This pair of wireless earphone comes with a carry case as well which is really a good thing for its price which is Rs.1,299 ($20).

Buy it here: BasX Wireless Earphone


3.TAGG 07 Sports Earphone:

Now Tag has been in the earphone business for a quite a bit of time and they really know how earphones should sound. The Tagg 07 sports Bluetooth earphone comes with an impressive soundstage and it is said that it is tunned for studio quality audio which means you can hear songs or your favorite music in high quality. The earphones are IPX-4 rated which means this is a splashproof earphone and can handle several splashes of water. The earphone comes with a price of Rs.1,699($26).

Buy it here: TAGG 07 Sports Earphone

4.Soundpeats QY7:

Soundpeats QY7 is a wireless Bluetooth earphone which has an amazing sound, the bass is also quite punchy and has a really good sound signature. The earphone comes in four color options, the Black, Green, Red, and purple color. The earphones are priced at Rs.2,100($32) and for that price, these are a really good pair of earphones.

Buy it here: Soundpeats QY7

5.Leaf Bluetooth Earphone:

Leaf is a new Indian startup company which has some amazing audio products and Leaf wireless earphone is one of them. This earphone comes with a nice packaging in it you get a carrying case, many extra earbuds and a charging cable. The Leaf earphone has a flat sound signature and the bass of the earphone is good, not amazing but overall there is a balanced sound. The battery life of this earphone is what impresses us, the earphone can be used for over 5 to 6hrs for normal music playback. Now the price of the earphone is Rs.2,499 but currently, there is a deal going on and you can get them for just Rs.2,299($35).


Buy it here: Leaf Wireless Earphone


6.Mivi Thunderbeats:

Now this earphone is the priciest of all the earphone in the list and said that it is also overall one of the best sounding earphones you can buy. The Mivi Thunderbeats is a comes with a really good sound signature and also has a passive noise cancellation technology in them so that you will not hear outside noise when you are listening to your favorite music. The earphone offers 7 hrs of music playback and 30 feet Bluetooth range. The earphone comes with a sweet little carrying case and a couple of extra earbuds. The price of this earphone is Rs.2,999 but there are sales going on where you can get this pair of earphone for as low as Rs. 2,500. So overall this is a really good wireless earphone and looks really good on ears so do check them out.

Buy it here: Mivi Thunderbeats

So guys that was our list of Best Budget Bluetooth earphones which you can find in India. So out of these which is your favorite one? do comment and share your opinion. Stay tuned to Sid Tech for more tech updates.


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