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Deal of the Day – Nova Launcher Prime at ₹10 or $0.99 Till 2nd January

Nova launcher is often regarded as the best 3rd party launcher available on the Google play store and people love it mainly because of its customization feature. For those who want to enjoy all the benefits of the Nova launcher have to buy their premium version called the Nova Launcher Prime. The Nova Launcher Prime is generally available at $4.99 or... Read More
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Three New Photography Apps Launched By Google on Android and iOS

Google has launched three new photography applications today called Storyboard, available on Android, Selfissmio, available on iOS and Android and at last Scrubbies, available on iOS only. Google has launched these apps as a part of its recently launched appsperiments program. As you can see from the name appsperiments is a program where Google will do experiments with different apps and... Read More
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Google Announces All The Android Wear Watches Getting The Android Oreo Update

2017 has not been a great year for the Android wear smartwatches as there has not been a significant improvement in the smartwatch technology. Google has now announced all the watches that will be getting the Android Oreo update. LG watch sport has already started receiving the Oreo update. The new update comes with many improvements like vibration strength settings for... Read More
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Microsoft Edge Browser Is Coming Soon To Android & iOS

Microsoft with it’s Windows 10 launched a completely new browser called the Microsoft edge. Till now the browser has been limited to Windows 10 devices only but now the browser is coming to Android and iOS devices. I have personally used to the edge browser only to watch Apple event’s on my Windows laptop but many people use Microsoft edge... Read More
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Android Oreo Might Get Custom Theme Engine Soon

Just few days ago Google Launched Android 8.0 Oreo and the new version is expected to get an update with launch of new Pixel smartphones. One thing that has always been missing with stock android is ability to apply custom theme, you had to rely on custom launchers and apps to get a theme. But now according to a new... Read More
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Amazon May Launch It’s Own Messaging App 

Messaging app category though dominated by Facebook with WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is pretty hot as users try new messaging app to find more features, apps like Google Allo, Hike and for iOS imessgaes are all unique in their own way and that’s the beauty of messaging app and now Amazon is gearing up to enter the messaging app world. AFTV claims that Amazon is... Read More
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#SidApps Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Hey what’s up guys welcome to Sid Tech and here are my top 5 best wallpaper apps for android let’s get started. First is backdrops the wallpaper you just saw was from backdrops only and it is amazing. It has many high quality wallpapers from color to fade everything looks just amazing we can also remove ads from this app by paying ₹65 but... Read More
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Transparent Google Now Pane in Works 

Ever since Launch of Google Now ,Google has made few design changes, latest being in 2015 and now some users are reportedly seeing new transparent Google Now Pane.  Google had sidlined Google Now with the Launch of Google Assistant and now you can see Google Now Pane also known as Google feed by swiping to left on stock Android devices. ... Read More
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Android Excellence Section On Google Play

Google is making quite a few changes over the past few months on the Google Play Store and this time google has launched a new section called Android Excellence Section.  This section promotes those apps which have excellent design or performance and are following google’s developer practices. Google Play biggest rival App store has also seen a complete revamp with... Read More