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Instagram Testing Screenshot Alert Feature For Instagram Stories

Instagram is all set to bring one of its much-awaited feature on Instagram stories, this feature will let you know once someone has taken a screenshot of your Instagram story. Instagram is reportedly testing this feature and will release it in soon. This feature is only applicable to Instagram stories and not for your regular posts. Also, Instagram might not… Read More
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Instagram has Launched Type Mode in Stories

Facebook-owned popular photo-sharing app Instagram on 1st, February announced the launch of a new feature. Instagram has introduced type mode in stories. It lets you type whatever is on your mind in different creative styles without a need of uploading a photo or video. When you open camera in your Instagram stories, you will now see “Type” option alongside”Normal”, “Live”,… Read More
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Instagram Stories Get GIF Stickers Powered by Giphy

Facebook-owned popular photo sharing app Instagram has announced a new feature today in collaboration with Giphy. Now users can add fun, expressive, GIF stickers to any photo or video in their story. This new feature has started rolling out with Instagram version 29 on iOS and Android devices. Instagram said they will also bring improvements to stories uploads in coming… Read More
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, WhatsApp For Business, Blackberry Motion, Pixel Ambient Services, Tech Updates

Hey Whats-up guys welcome to the 23rd episode of the tech updates let’s get started. Google silently launched a new app called Pixel Ambient Services. This app is will use sensors on your pixel smartphone to control music and DND mode. So when you turn on the DND mode settings in this app, it will automatically switch your smartphone in DND mode whenever… Read More
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Cross Post Your Instagram Stories To Facebook – New Instagram Update

While Instagram stories is very popular feature of the Photo sharing app, It’s parent social network haven’t received the same response from it’s users. To gain popularity of stories on Facebook too, Instagram now allows you to cross post your stories to Facebook. Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that the new update is currently rolling and everyone will get the… Read More
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Geostickers on Instagram Stories, snapchat copy Again

Instagram last year copied the popular Photo-sharing app Snapchat to bring Instagram stories and now the Facebook owned Instagram has copied another chapter from the Snapchat’s book. With geostickers you can add stickers to your Instagram stories based upon your location, the location based complete stickers are currently only available in New York and Jakarta, Indonesia. But users worldwide can… Read More